Solar Thermal

soWhat is Solar Thermal?

Solar collectors use energy from the sun to heat water which is then stored in a hot water cylinder. The collector takes the form of panels or evacuated tubes generally fitted to the roof of a building. Advanced coatings on the glazing of the panels maximise the absorption of heat.  The solar controller monitors the temperature of the collectors and the bottom of the hot water cylinder. When the collector array is 8°C warmer than the bottom of the cylinder, the controller switches on the solar circulating pump. This heat is then transferred to the bottom of the cylinder via a coil inside.

Once the stored water temperature reaches that of the collector, the solar controller switches the circulating pump off. The cycle is repeated when the temperature in the collector is raised again. In the winter months, a boiler and or immersion heater acts as a supplement, heating the water further to reach the required temperature.

What’s different about I-Care 24/7 systems?

While the majority of solar thermal systems are based on the same principle technology, the quality of each system varies greatly and therefore so does reliability. I-Care 24/7 only uses solar technology built over many years from our approved manufacturer, widely regarded as the world’s market-leader in heating technologies.

It’s crucial that you choose a system which matches your needs, your lifestyle and your home, and gives you the peace of mind of safety and reliability for your family.

How much does a I-Care 24/7 Solar Thermal system cost?

The cost of installing a typical solar water heating system is around £6,000 and depends upon the size of your home and your individual needs. We’ll be happy to give you a completely free solar assessment and a detailed specification and quotation before you proceed and our engineers will always answer any concerns you may have before work is begun.

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